Note From The Editor: TVWise's Acquisitions Roundups Are No More (Kind Of) – TVWise

Long-time TVWise readers will recall the numerous so called “Acquisitions Roundups” we ran last year and we’ve already had emails from readers asking when we’d be picking them up again; running down which US shows will be back on which channels and (vaguely) when. Well good news/bad news time. The bad news first (because, well, why not?). We won’t be resuming with the acquisitions roundups in their current format. I’ve made no secret of the fact that acquisitions coverage has been at the forefront of what we do at TVWise (hence the patented Acquisitions Scorecard) and sometimes trying to provide the best coverage possible also means trying different things. The roundups were good as far as they went, but they were also fairly limited in that they didn’t allow any in depth coverage; only a simple yes it’ll be back and when. (One PR referred to these roundups as “information dumps”). The good news is that we will still be doing the leg work and providing the information to our readers, it’ll just assume a different format. Instead of what was (ok, I’ll admit it) little more than an “information dump” we’ll be going in depth: looking at the ratings performance of the series in question, if this is a new pick up of part of an existing deal, and how it fits in, overall, with the acquisitions strategy of the broadcaster in question etc. We’ve already published one such story regarding TCM’s acquisitions of the new seasons of Hell On Wheels and Longmire, which will be followed in the coming weeks with stories on the first run series on UKTV, Fox and many other broadcasters. So, in short: those of you emailing to ask about when these roundups will be back, they won’t be. But, I hope, this new format will serve just as well and be more informative to boot.