TV Trailer: Channel 4's Mating Season – TVWise

Channel 4’s award-winning in-house creative agency 4creative has produced a new clip to advertise the channel’s upcoming Mating season, which features a mix of dramas and documentaries exploring the complexities and nuances of forming relationships in 2013.
The clip (see below) explores dating through the eyes of a recently bereaved older man – Arthur, a Galapagos Tortoise. The Galapagos Tortoise is known to have long relationships with the same partner, often lasting over 100 years. But sadly, Arthur’s long-term love came to an end. This clip was created in co-ordination with Asylum, a leading British model making and special effects company; and directed by 4creative’s Chris Bovill and John Allison, with music specially composed by Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll.
“We wanted to create a campaign that spoke to people currently dating and people who had put their lucky date pants away years ago. Looking at the confusing rules of social media’s impact on dating, online dating and the changing attitudes towards sex, we felt it right to focus on the universal indisputable truth that modern dating is very complicated”, said John Allison. “It’s all changed. It’s no longer a drink, some dinner, a dance and then 50 years of marriage. We wanted to take someone from the courtship days of yore and thrust them into 21st century dating landscape. Naturally a geriatric tortoise was the only way to bring this to life.”
While Paul Hartnoll added “…it’s been like scoring a whole film in miniature – so many emotions, builds and drops in such a tight space, I love it!”
Channel 4’s Trailer For Mating Season Follows Below: