Hat Trick’s Bad Teeth & Plum Pictures Announce “Groundbreaking” Internet Show ‘Man On Couch’

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Hat Trick Productions’ YouTube channel Bad Teeth and Plum Pictures have announced a new internet show titled Man On Couch, which promises to attempt a feat which has never before been achieved – namely, a live stream which will run every second of every day for at least a week. Man On Couch will premiere on Bad Teeth from Monday May 27th. The series is being co-produced by Spirit Digital Media.

Man On Couch will feature one man who will be forced to live in an empty room, on a couch, with no windows for a week. He will not be able to leave the room and must use his laptop to bring the world to him, including entertainment, clothing and sustenance. This man is Rory Barker, James May’s charismatic but feckless side kick. He will have nothing to do, nothing to eat and no-one to talk to. He must persuade the people of the world to get involved. It will be a battle for survival as he barters with viewers and celebrities for the basics of life, from food and water to warm clothes – and of course anything he can lay his hands on to stave off the inevitable boredom of 24 hours a day in his own company with only the occasional visitor. The show will feature cameos from James May, Gok Wan, Jolyon Rubinstein, Heydon Prowse and other celebrities. A psychologist will also be on hand to monitor Rory’s mental and physical decline. However, one of the real twists here is that Rory’s fate is not in his own hands. If he gets a million unique views in the first week, he will have to stay another week and each week there will be a target which, if beaten, will extend the show.

“I initially wanted it to be ‘monkey on couch’ but was told they were to expensive and too demanding. Luckily Rory is neither”, said Will Daws, Creative Director of Plum Pictures, who had the original idea for the show.

Peter Cowley, Chief Executive Officer of Spirit Digital Media, commented: “Spirit Media are very excited to be the co-producing partner for this innovative YouTube project.”

While Rory Barker added: “Man on Couch sounds like a great idea and I’m bloody delighted to get the chance to live in one room for an entire week. Well, not delighted, but a man’s got to eat. Hopefully I’ll meet loads of people both in my room as well as on the worldwide web, and I hope to learn a plethora of skills and come out a week later as a better, albeit slightly paler person.”