Discovery Channel UK Announces ‘White House’ Season

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The Discovery Channel has announced a new season of documentary specials titled The White House Season, which will explore secrets about the most powerful position in the world: the Presidency of the United States of America. This new season will begin airing on the Discovery Channel from Saturday June 22nd.

The White House Season encompasses three specials: All The Presidents Men Revisited, Commander In Chief: Inside The Oval Office and Secret Service Secrets. All The Presidents Men Revisited is a documentary special in which Robert Redford revisits the film All the President’s Men, the Watergate scandal and Nixon’s presidency. Commander In Chief: Inside The Oval Office explores the untold stories behind key military decisions various Presidents have had to make including Nixon sending troops to Vietnam and the that events that led to the death of Osama Bin Laden in 2011. Finally, Secret Service Secrets explores the secrets of the United States Secret Service as the perform their most well known duty of protecting the President of the United States. The three part series explores the different threats the agency must counter while the president is at the White House, on the road on the campaign trail and when he is overseas in war zones.

Full Details of Discovery’s White House Season Follows Below:

All The President’s Men Revisited – (Saturday June 22nd, 9pm)

All The Presindet’s Men Revisited promises to brings Watergate to life with riveting footage, shocking Oval Office recordings, and compelling new interviews with those who perpetuated the crimes, those who pursued them, and those who portrayed them. The film unravels the story that begun with a “third- rate burglary attempt” and escalated into the first and only Presidential resignation in American history. A remarkable cast tells the tale, including Robert Redford, Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, Dustin Hoffman, Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow. All the President’s Men Revisited brings Watergate to life with riveting archive footage, shocking Oval Office recordings, and compelling interviews from those that were at the centre of the scandal.

Commander In Chief: Inside The Oval Office – (Saturday June 29th, 9pm)

Commander in Chief: Inside the Oval Office reveals the untold stories behind the critical military decisions in different presidencies. Using never-before-seen footage, newly-released presidential documents, and exclusive interviews with those who witnessed history in the making, this series reveals what it’s like to be inside the Oval Office when the Commander in Chief makes a life or death decision. In the first episode, over 50 years since the Cuban Missile Crisis, Commander in Chief: Inside the Oval Office recounts the tense and contentious debates that took place in the White House in October of 1962 as the U.S. and the Soviet Union teetered on the brink of nuclear war. Using rare images and declassified audio recordings, this behind-the-scenes story takes viewers deep into chambers of power where President John F. Kennedy resisted forces pushing him towards war and pulled the world back from the edge of destruction.

Secret Service Secrets – (Saturday June 29th, 10pm)

This documentary series follows one of the oldest and most secretive law enforcement agencies in America: the United States Secret Service. The agency, despite having a longstanding function (dating back to 1865) to battle counterfeiting and other financial crimes, is best known to the public for the duties of the agencies PPD (Presidential Protective Division), who protect current and former Presidents and their immediate families. Secret Service Secrets sees these brave men and women working tirelessly to keep the most powerful person in the world safe. Using their training, the agents must keep the President safe from any attack, even if it means putting their life on the line. The series looks behind the scenes at the dangers posed during campaign seasons and explores the great threat terrorist groups and anti-American sentiment pose to the President.