History UK Orders World War II Documentary Series ‘Heroes Of War’

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History UK has commissioned BSkyB’s Sky Vision to produced a five episode factual series titled Heroes of War which will reveal many of the unsung war heroes from World War II. The series will air on History’s sister channel H2, which launches in the UK on May 4th. The series will also air on History in select countries across Europe.

Heroes of War focuses on events which occurred during World War II in Poland and will uncover tales of heroism and sacrifice from unsung heroes. Featuring interviews with experts and the few remaining eyewitnesses, along with access to newly-released documents, re-enactment and archive footage, it will reveal the true and, until now, hidden stories of Polish heroism during wartime. Such stories include: the story of Witold Pilecki, who intentionally got arrested and sent to Auschwitz so he could witness for himself the horrors taking place there, before escaping to tell the world of Hitler’s horrific plans; how exiled Polish commandos were trained in Britain and parachuted back in to Poland to help fight the battle against Hitler’s forces; and the little-known fact that it was, in fact, Polish code breakers who cracked the Nazi’s Enigma code and gave the Allies the intelligence they needed to defeat Hitler in Europe. The executive producer is Sarah Proctor.

Speaking of Heroes of War, Rachel Job, Head of Acquisitions & Commissions for History and H2 UK, said: “Sky Vision has unearthed some really powerful stories from a hugely significant period in history. I’m confident that our audiences in the UK, Poland and across Europe will be fascinated by such brave, yet little known, heroics.”

While Danny Tipping, Head of Programming and Development at Sky Vision, added: “It’s been great working with History on this exciting series. Heroes of War will take us back to a time when ordinary people became extraordinary heroes, freedom fighters, spies and code-breakers, often in deadly battles with Nazi forces.”