Yesterday Acquires UK Rights To ‘Mummy Mysteries’ & ‘Alexander’s Lost World’

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David AdamsUKTV has closed deals with Electric Sky and Sky Vision to acquire the exclusive UK rights to Mummy Mysteries and Alexander’s Lost World for its Yesterday channel. Both shows are set to complement a special season of programming scheduled for Q2 2013 and follow previous factual acquisitions which have included Perfect Storms: Disasters That Changed The World.

“Both Mummy Mysteries and Alexander’s Lost World are valuable additions to Yesterday’s line-up of engaging and dynamic programming in the second quarter of this year, which already includes Perfect Storms: Disasters that changed the World and Secret Life of….”, said Adrian Wills, General Manager of Yesterday. “This special season of programmes will take viewers on an incredible journey through time, enabling them to get up close and personal with history as experts uncover macabre and fascinating stories from our past.”

Mummy Mysteries is a half hour series which investigates the circumstances surrounding suspicious deaths from the ancient past using state of the art scientific techniques. In each episode a different team of archaeologists embark on a quest to find out exactly how and why a victim met their death. The series explores an Iron Age mass grave found in France, sinister mummified human bodies located in the eerie swamp bog lands of Northern Europe, poisoned baby corpses left to rest in the Atacama Desert of Chile, and an abandoned cemetery connected to a folkloric belief in vampires. The show’s first season consists of six episodes.

Alexander’s Lost World follows investigative journalist David Adams as he attempts to be the first man to explore the 1,500-mile course of the River Oxus through war-torn Afghanistan and Central Asia. His mission is to tell the untold story of the Genesis, life and destruction of the Oxus – the fifth great Civilization. The six episode series is a co-production between David Adams Films and Sky Vision.