TLC To Launch In UK On April 30th

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Discovery Networks International has announced that they will be launching a local version of TLC in the UK and Ireland on April 30th 2013, which will feature a mix of US and UK shows. Some of the shows that have been acquired by TLC for launch include Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Breaking Amish. Acquired content will sit alongside original commissions including Ultimate Shopper and Undercover Mom. TLC will be available on Sky (channel 125), Virgin Media (channel 167), BT Vision (channel 875) and YouView on the TalkTalk Player, as well as via Sky, Virgin Media and BT Vision’s on-demand services. The channel will also be available in HD from Sky and Virgin Media.

“TLC is a unique entertainment channel that brings together a huge range of characters from the UK and US”, said Susanna Dinnage, Senior Vice-President & General Manager of Discovery Networks UK . “It is full of stories that will get people talking and we hope it will become part of the rich and varied TV culture in the UK.”

Details of TLC UK’s Line Up of Launch Shows Follows Below:

Acquired Shows:

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo – The reality series follows Alana (AKA Honey Boo Boo), who was first introduced in Toddlers & Tiaras, and gives an inside look into Alana’s world where the six-year-old pageant sensation proves that she is more than just a Go-Go Juice-drinking beauty queen. When she’s not chasing after crowns, Alana’s with her family in rural Georgia doing what her family does best: four-wheeling through mud pits and picking up road kill for the family. The series is produced by Authentic Entertainment

Breaking Amish – This series, which ranks as TLC’s highest rated series in the US, offers an unprecedented look into a rarely seen world, following five Amish men and women and one Mennonite woman as they make the most important decision of their lives – to join the church and fully embrace the Amish and Mennonite lifestyle, or leave for good and follow their dreams outside of their communities. The stakes are incredibly high as each of them face complete and total rejection, criticism and even exile from their family’s homes and their community. However, all of them feel they will never be at peace in their community unless they know what lies beyond.

Oprah’s Next Chapter – Oprah’s Next Chater is the award-winning primetime series featuring Oprah Winfrey as she steps outside of the studio for riveting, enlightening and in-depth conversations with newsmakers, celebrities, thought leaders and real-life families. The series is produced by Harpo Studios and airs on Discovery’s OWN network in the United States.

Original Commissions:

Ultimate Shopper – Produced by Betty, Ultimate Shopper pits four fashionistas head-to-head in a series of style-based challenges to be judged by a discerning and stylish panel of experts: singer and modern pop culture icon Holly Valance, fashion expert Brix Smith-Start and photographer Paul Hartnett, along with a special guest judge. From crafting the perfect look for a first date to donning just the right outfit for a second job interview, the contestants—and their style—will be judged on their chic creativity and quick-thinking fashion sense.

Your Style In His Hands – This fashion show follows women who feel they have become stuck in a style rut and are given £5000 for a top-to-toe transformation. But there’s a catch- their husbands are in charge of creating their brand new look! Guided by the resident team of ‘Your Style In His Hands’ experts, the hapless husbands are given a crash course in their wives’ style, receiving advice on what cuts and colours of clothes, make-up tones and hairstyle best suit their better half. Along the way, the men will gain a valuable insight into how their wives and girlfriends really feel about their appearances, enabling them to become enduring sources of emotional and practical
support in the future. From learning how to accessorise to how to give a constructive compliment, the men are put through their paces as they rush to get to grips with the world of women’s fashion in time for the grand party, attended by the couples’ friends and family, at which her new style will be unveiled. But will he get it right with his top style picks, or end up sleeping on the sofa?

Undercover Mums – This observational documentary series documents the ever important teenage right of passage of being left in charge of the family home for the first time. But is is also one of the most nerve-wracking moments for parents. They can entreat their offspring to act responsibly, but when it comes to the crunch, they can never really know what their teens will get up to until now. Undercover Mums sees hidden cameras record just what these kids get up to when the parents aren’t home.

My Naked Secret – This series follows the journey of individuals as they struggle with hiding an embarrassing secret about their body.  With the help of a therapist, these individuals work to reveal their painful issue to family and friends, but can they ultimately come to terms with their body anxieties? The series follows Wendy, whose body has changed beyond recognition since having four children, is disgusted by her over- hanging stomach and sagging asymmetrical breasts; Colette, who has lived with a vascular malformation birth mark on the right side of her face for her entire life; Sharon, a 44 year old woman living with extreme facial hair; and Kelly, who has struggled for years with enormous 34KK breasts, as they go to great lengths to keep them hidden.

Last Chance Salon – Last Chance Salon is a series which looks at what happens when beauty treatments go wrong. leading experts across the cosmetics industry meet the victims of dodgy practitioners’ handiwork. In each episode, consultants meet five patients and examine their beauty mishaps; dispensing advice and referring them for specialist treatment as necessary. At the same time viewers at home are offered
critical guidance on how to avoid catastrophic procedures; in an informative and scientific context. Each week, members of the public contribute personal anecdotes about their worst bikini wax or haircut and vox pops deliver facts and figures about the beauty industry. Most importantly of all, contributors have their lousy lipo, failed face lifts and filler fiascos fixed, by the very best in the business.