Jonathan Goodwin Dangles From London Eye In Stunt For New Show On Watch

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Daredevil Jonathan Goodwin performed a stunt earlier today in which he was wearing straitjacket and had to escpape from a flaming rope from which he was dangling from the London Eye. The stunt was filmed as part of Goodwin’s new show, The Incredible Mr Goodwin, which is set to premiere on UKTV’s Watch channel on Thursday March 7th at 9pm.

The Incredible Mr Goodwin is a five episode series in which Goodwin attempts astonishing feats of bravery, mental agility and physical strength. Goodwin is as escapologist and a professional danger-man, putting himself in the most extreme situations and dodging death every time. In the show’s first episode, astonished onlookers watch as the fearless Mr Goodwin climbs up one of London’s tallest buildings – unaided. He performs a death-defying stunt underneath a super-sized SUV, which puts him within inches of the rushing road surface and fast-spinning wheels, plus manages to trigger a bear trap without losing an arm.

Jonathan Goodwin said, “Danger is a part of my profession and the adrenaline I get from each stunt I do drives me on to the next. Pushing the limits is exciting and I hope I have left the crowd with a memorable experience.”