Channel 4 Orders World War II Docu-Drama, David Mitchell Panel Show & More – TVWise

Channel 4 has unveiled details of a wealth of commissions which includes a new docu-drama about an SOE operation to eavesdrop on German POW’s, a new panel show hosted by David Mitchell titled Was It Something I Said? and a new quiz show titled 1001 Things You Should Know, which will be hosted by Sandi Toksvig. In addition, Channel 4 has also acquired a new French zombie drama series titled Rebound and confirmed that they have acquired the rights to the second season of ABC’s Scandal, renewed Misfits for a fifth season and Utopia for a second season. Full details of the docu-drama, Was It Something I Said and 1001 Things You Should Know follow below…
Spying On Hitler’s Army: The Secret Recordings
Produced by October Films, Spying On Hitler’s Army: The Secret Recordings is a new docu-drama which tells the story of a British Intelligence Operation to listen in on the private conversations of 10,000 German POWs without their ever knowing they were being overheard. The docu-drama is dramatised from the recently discovered transcripts of these recorded conversations and reveal just how closely the German army were involved in the atrocities of the Holocaust. The 100,000 hours of conversation they captured provided crucial intelligence that changed the course of the war, and revealed some of its worst horrors – from rape to mass executions to one of the earliest bulletins from the concentration camps. But when the fighting ended, the recordings were destroyed and the transcripts locked away for half a century. Only now have they been declassified, researched and cross-referenced. Nicholas Farrell (The Iron Lady) leads the cast of the docu-drama.
Was It Something I Said?
Produced by Maverick & That Mitchell & Webb Company, Was It Something I Said? is a new panel show hosted by David Mitchell in which two teams will be pitted against each other in a battle of word play answering questions based on quotes, tweets, literature and TV & film dialogue as well as some of the teams very own one-liners. Featured quotes will be read out by a guest narrator. In a world first, viewers will be able to play along with the show via Twitter, and receive bonus content as they watch.
1001 Things You Should Know
This new quiz show, hosted by Sandi Toksvig, sees three contestants go head-to-head in each episode to prove they know the things they should. Answering opening questions unlocks trickier questions, which can in turn help contestant win lots of cash. Experts will be joined by some familiar faces to pose the questions – from sport and television, to history and maths – and if players get their question right, then they can access a cash question which will be asked by Sandi. This series will feature questions from Tony Robinson, Sarah Beeny, Amanda Lamb, Dr Dawn Harper, Jon Snow, Cathy Newman, Ann Widdecombe, Cecilia Ahern, Lisa Faulkner, Anita Rani, Jameela Jamil, Jamie Laing and Oliver Phelps. The series, which is due to air this April, is being produced by Thames Scotland.