Channel 4 Orders Comedy Series ‘London Irish’

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Channel 4 has given the green-light to a new six episode comedy series titled London Irish, which follows a group of four Northern Irish 20 year olds living in London.

Created by Lisa McGee, London Irish follows this group of four friends who find it’s not easy navigating their way through London life, particularly when they’re too drunk to know where they’re going, or remember where they’ve been. If there had been a plan, it wouldn’t have been this.  They have shit jobs, no money, and are surrounded by English people. In fact there’s only one thing worse than living in London with the English. And that’s living in Ireland with the Irish. That doesn’t even bear thinking about. The comedy series is being produced by Company Pictures and stars Kerr Logan (Game of Thrones), Peter Campion (Raw), Sinéad Keenan (Lip Service) and newcomer Kat Reagan. The executive producers are Caroline Leddy and Liz Lewin.

Speaking of London Irish, Channel 4’s Deputy Head of Comedy Nerys Evans, who commissioned the comedy series, said: ““It’s rare to find a writer that creates such a vivid array of characters, they don’t just leap off the page they grab you by the collar and drag you drown the pub for some midday shots. Lisa’s writing is brilliantly funny and we’re looking forward to more London Irish shenanigans.”

While series creator Lisa McGee added: “Ultimately, it’s a show about young people, who value having the craic above everything else.  The characters are children of the peace process, living in one of the greatest cities in the world and they want to have a good time. Yeah they’re screwed up, they drink too much, they swear too much…but I really hope people watch the show and think, “I don’t half want a night out with that lot” and love watching these four characters as much as I love writing for them.”