BBC One’s Ben Elton Sitcom Gets New Title

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Ben Elton’s upcoming six episode comedy series for BBC One has had a change of title. I’ve learned that the sitcom – which was operating under the title Slings and Arrows as recently as two weeks ago – has since been retitled to The Wright Way. My sources also tell me that production on the comedy series is set to begin later this month in Manchester.

Penned by Elton, The Wright Way follows Baselricky Council Officer Gerald B Meakin, a man dedicated to the minimization of risk, even where no actual risk exists. If only Gerald were able to control his own life with the same benevolent despotism with which he regulates other peoples’. Sadly he can’t. A recent divorcee and new single Dad, Gerald B Meakin’s personal life is just one long struggle against the petty irritations and inconvenience which bedevil all our lives. Those 21st century slings and arrows of outrageous fortune against which Gerald’s lengthy rule book is no defence at all. The comedy series is being directed by Dewi Humphreys and features David Haig and Beattie Edmondson amongst the main cast.