FOX Sets UK Premiere Date For ‘Leverage’ Season 5

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Fox International Channels (UK) has announced that the fifth season of TNT’s drama series Leverage will receive its UK premiere on the (by then re-branded) FOX channel on Tuesday February 5th at 10pm.

Leverage was created by John Rogers and Chris Downey and revolves around a team of modern day Robin Hoods, headed up by former insurance investigator Nathan Ford, who use their various skills to help their clients who have been wronged by various corporations or government agencies. The drama series stars Timothy Hutton as Nathan Ford, Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux, Aldis Hodge as Alec Hardison, Christian Kane as Eliot Spencer and Beth Riesgraf as Parker. Amongst the many notable guest stars who appear in the show’s 15 episode fifth season is Cary Elwes & Treat Williams. In the opening episode of season 5, titled The (Very) Big Bird Job, the Leverage team goes after a global aviation executive and as part of their con, must convince him that they can lay hands on Howard Hughes’ vintage aircraft, the Spruce Goose.

TVWise’s UK Premiere Dates page has been updated with this new information.