TV Trailer: ‘Mankind The Story Of All Of Us’ On History

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History has unveiled the first trailer for their twelve part documentary series Mankind The Story Of All Of Us, which is set to premiere on Wednesday November 14th at 10pm.

Narrated by Stephen Fry, Mankind The Story Of All Of Us is produced by Nutopia and has been described as a cinematic documentary series which explores the history of mankind and how our fight for survival on a harsh brutal planet – in short it is the story of all of us. From the dawning of time, mankind has faced numerous obstacles and made surprising leaps forward. In an epic overview of the human race, this fast-paced story of us is history like viewers have never seen before. Each event has been chosen because it’s a key turning point – a stepping stone in our journey from hunter-gatherer to global citizen. Our story is all about connections – why some ideas take hold and spread around the world and how the lives of people in one part of the world are shaped by events in another

Here is the trailer for Mankind The Story Of All Of Us: