Sneak Peek: 'Mankind The Story Of All Of Us' Episode 2 On History – TVWise

History’s twelve-part documentary series Mankind The Story Of All Of Us continues tonight at 10pm with episode 2. Narrated by Stephen Fry, Mankind The Story Of All Of Us is produced by Nutopia and has been described as a cinematic documentary series which explores the history of mankind and how our fight for survival on a harsh brutal planet – in short it is the story of all of us.
In tonight’s episode, titled A Change of Page In The Iron Age, Mankind The Story of All of Us revealshow the discovery of iron changed the world. On the edge of the Nile the Egyptian civilisation is on the brink of collapse, as cities and empires are being destroyed. With supplies of bronze dwindling, mankind faces the collapse of thousands of years of progress. But on an island in the eastern Mediterranean, a group of pioneering metal workers uncover one of the keys to our future; iron. Sparta and Athens defend Greece against Persia, the superpower of their day, using this precious new metal to develop the brutality of warfare. As the Athenians pioneer democracy, people power triumphs over tyranny. Iron allowed for greater ships to be built and it facilitated the very first recorded voyage of discovery. Meanwhile, a revolutionary new writing technology puts reading and writing within everyone’s reach, one of the keys to the future of communication. The alphabet.
TVWise has been able get hold of a clip of tonight’s episode, which you will find below: