E4/Clerkenwell Films Staffing For ‘Misfits’ Season 5, Adds Mike O’Leary To Writing Staff

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EXCLUSIVE: I’ve learned that independent production company Clerkenwell Films has started staffing writers for a potential fifth season of its hit series Misfits. According to my sources, E4 gave the go ahead for the production company to make new hires for season 5, but were keen to stress that the broadcaster had yet to actually commission a fifth season. That said, insiders tell me that they fully expect to see Misfits recommissioned by executives at E4. My sources are also telling me that Clerkenwell has recruited Mike O’Leary to serve on the writing staff for season 5. O’Leary, repped by Curtis Brown, is perhaps a natural choice given his history with the series. He was the writer behind the online series Misfits: Strung Out and wrote the Misfits companion book that was recently published by Hodder & Stoughton.

This is a similar situation to that which was seen earlier this year with the BBC One/Cinemax series Hunted. In that instance both the BBC and Cinemax gave production company Kudos Film & TV the go ahead to begin staffing the writers room for season 2, which led to the hires of Ben Harris and Claire Wilson. However, BBC One ultimately decided to cancel the series, leaving Cinemax to pick up the pieces and plan a continuation in the form of a spin-off.