Luke Newberry, Ricky Tomlinson & More Cast In BBC Three’s Zombie Drama Series ‘In The Flesh’

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Luke Newberry (Mrs Biggs), David Walmsley, Emily Bevan (The Thick Of It), Harriet Cains (Doctors), Ricky Tomlinson (The Royle Family) Steve Evets (Shameless) and Kenneth Cranham (Rome) have all joined the main cast of BBC Three’s upcoming zombie series In The Flesh.

Created by Dominic Mitchell, In The Flesh is set in the small town of Roarton in the north of England and picks up after a zombie uprising, just as rehabilitated zombies are being reintroduced back into society. Now known as PDS Sufferers (Partially Deceased Syndrome), these former zombies have been caught, treated and, armed with their flesh cover-up and special contact lenses are now returning to their friends and families who previously thought them dead. The series follows Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry), a 17 year old who committed suicide four years’ ago when his best mate Rick (David Walmsley) died in Afghanistan. He didn’t leave a note, and is now returning to a village that always rejected him and a family who never got to say goodbye. Across the three episodes, we follow Kieren as he struggles to cope with fitting back in, with the guilt of what he did in his untreated state, and the sudden reappearance of Rick, a fellow PDS Sufferer. The boy that Kieren thought was dead is alive and the boy Rick thought was alive is dead.

In addition to the main cast, the three-part series includes a large roster of guest stars which includes Susan Twist, Matthew Walker, Karen Henthorn, Amy-Joyce Hastings, Julien Ball, Alex Arnold, Steve Cooper, Marie Critchley, Stephen Thompson, Sandra Hugget, Gerard Thompson, Kevin Sutton, John Owen-Jones, Karen Henthorn, Oliver Birch, Steve Garti, Juliet Ellis and newcomer Stephen Thompson. Production on In The Flesh is currently underway in the North West of England, with BBC Three eyeing a 2013 premiere.

Speaking of the main cast, series director Jonny Campbell said: “From the moment I read the opening scene I was hooked.  Dominic is an utterly fearless and instinctive young writer with an uncanny ability to tell a great story full of humour and humanity in a most original way.  An elusive and rare combination in TV drama. What’s most exciting about In The Flesh is that it challenges our pre-conceptions about the standard zombie genre and in so doing almost certainly creates a new one.”