BBC One Sets Premiere Date For ‘Merlin’ Season 5

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The fifth season of BBC One’s drama series Merlin will premiere on Saturday October 6th at 7:45pm, it has been announced.

Merlin tells the story of the legendary wizard during the times of King Arthur. The drama series is produced by Shine TV and stars Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Angel Coulby, Katie McGrath, Richard Wilson, Anthony Head and John Hurt. In the show’s 13 episode fifth season, Camelot is basking in a new Golden Age. But even as she flowers, so the dark seeds of her destruction are being sown. For in the frozen wastelands of the North, men are disappearing without a trace. In search of answers, King Arthur and his Knights must undertake a dangerous mission to the unknown. As the sun sets on the icy plains, Merlin finds himself locked in a battle unlike any he has fought before; a battle with Fate itself.

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