BBC Three Orders Colorado Cinema Shootings Documentary

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BBC Three has given the green-light to a one hour documentary about the recent shootings at a cinema in Aurora, Colorado. The documentary has been put on an accelerated production schedule and is set to air on BBC Three on August 23rd.

Titled The Batman Shootings, the one hour documentary is being produced by Mentorn Media and will be presented by Amal Fashanum who will travel to Aurora, Colorado, and speak to survivors; including Jansen Young who lived because her boyfriend shielded her from bullets. Amal also discovers how the gunman tried to join a local rifle club in the weeks before the shootings. Amal will also speak with local residents about the right to bear arms, which is protected by the 2nd ammendment to the US Constitution, and whethere or not James Holmes, who identified himself to police as The Joker, should receive the death penalty for his crimes.

Speaking of The Batman Shootings, Zai Bennett, Controller of BBC Three, said: “America’s gun laws are firmly back on the political agenda after the tragic shootings in Aurora, so it’s right that on BBC Three we have commissioned The Batman Shootings; an in-depth current affairs documentary from Mentorn which is being produced at incredible speed in response to the tragedy.”