Universal Networks International To Board Syfy’s Defiance?

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Exclusive: I hear that Universal Networks International – the international arm of NBCUniversal – is considering boarding Syfy’s upcoming series Defiance. There had been some previous chatter about the series landing at the UK’s Syfy channel, but I’m now being told that may be part of a larger international roll-out for the series. The plan, I am told, would be to ensure that Defiance is aired globally within weeks of the original airing of the series in the US.

Syfy and Universal Networks International are not confirming, but sources tell me that the outcome is “likely” due to the “unprecedented multi-platform appeal” of Defiance. “It’s being discussed”, one source told me late Saturday night, “this is a project that has been in development for four years and represents a huge investment for both Syfy and Trion. The game is being released globally in April, and given how the game and the series are connected, the aim is to have the series released globally at the same time. Perhaps the most sensible way to ensure that is with a multi-market – if not global – roll-out across our international Syfy channels.”

For those not following: Defiance is a multi-platform project encompassing an MMO game and Syfy’s weekly TV series, in which events in one world can and will directly affect the other. Penned by Farscape creator Rockne S. O’Bannon, Defiance is set in the near future and introduces a world where humans and aliens must learn to live together on an exotic new Earth that has been transformed by alien terra-forming machines (For more detailed plot information on the series see our previous report). The series is currently in production in Canada and stars Grant Bowler, Tony Curran, Julie Benz, Jaime Murray, Mia Kirshner and Graham Greene.