Syfy UK Sets Premiere Date For Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil Season Two – TVWise

The second and final season of Canadian science-fiction series Todd & The Book of Pure Evil will receive its UK premiere on Syfy UK on Friday August 17th at 10:30pm, it has been announced.
Todd & The Book of Pure Evil revolves around a group of friends who find a magical book known as ”The Book of Pure Evil” which grants the wishes of those who hold it in dark and sinister ways they didn’t intend. After encountering the book, the group of friends, led by Todd, set out to destroy it. The series stars Alex House as Todd Smith, Maggie Castle as Jenny Kolinsky, Bill Turnball as Curtis Weaver, Melanie Leisham as Hannah Williams, Chris Leavins as Atticus Murphy Jr and Jason Mewes as Jimmy.
The second season of the series runs 13 episodes and it was recently confirmed that Canadian broadcaster Space had opted not to renew Todd & The Book of Pure Evil for a third season. In the premiere episode of the show’s second season, titled Redierment Home, Todd, Curtis and Hannah break into the retirement home to rescue Jenny from the clutches of the evil Satanic Society – which is now run by Atticus.
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