MTV Sets UK Premiere Date For '16 And Pregnant' Season Four – TVWise

The fourth season of MTV’s reality series 16 and Pregnant will receive its UK premiere on Wednesday July 25th at 8pm, it has been announced.
16 and Pregnant is a reality series which tackles the controversial subject of teen pregnancy, following a 5-7 month period of a young mother-to-be as she navigates the bumpy terrain of adolescence, growing pains, rebellion, and coming of age; all while dealing with being pregnant. Each episode offers a unique look into the wide variety of challenges pregnant teens face: marriage, adoption, religion, gossip, finances, rumors among the community, graduating high school, getting (or losing) a job. Faced with incredibly adult decisions, these girls are forced to sacrifice their teenage years and their high school experiences. But there is an optimism among them; they have the dedication to make their lives work, and to do as they see fit to provide the best for their babies.
The show’s fourth season, which runs 12 episodes, opens up with an episodes which follows perky cheerleader, Mackenzie, as she navigates the bumpy terrain of pregnant life. Struggling with her cowboy boyfriend who fails to get serious about parenthood, will she manage to make him realise what a massive step they are taking? Or will reality be too much for them both?
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