E4 Sets Premiere Date For Beaver Falls Season Two – TVWise

The second season of E4’s home-grown dramedy series Beaver Falls will premiere on Monday August 6th at 10pm, it has been announced.
Created by Iain Hollands, Beaver Falls follows Flynn, A-Rab and Barry; three friends that met at Oxford Brookes University after being thrown together as housemates during their first year. After finishing university the three friends land themselves jobs at Beaver Falls, an elite American summer camp for the ridiculously beautiful teenage offspring of California’s rich and powerful, and that is when the trouble really starts. The series is produced by Company Pictures and stars Samuel Robertson as Flynn, Arsher Ali as A-Rab, John Dagleish as Barry, Kristen Gutoskie as Rachael, Natasha Loring as Kimberley, and Jon Cor as Jake. Also joining the series this season is Scarlett Alice Johnson as PJ, Emer Kenny as Hope and Tom Austen as Mac.
In the show’s second season, the boys are back at the summer camp with Barry fully expecting to pick up where he left off with Kimberley, A-Rab harbouring hopes that he and Rachael can start again with a clean slate and Flynn ready to hurl himself back into his camp lothario role. But things have changed at Beaver Falls: there are new owners, new counsellors, new kids and new relationships for the Brits to deal with. Much to A-Rab’s delight, Rachael is back but much to his horror, she now has a hot new husband in tow – the all too perfect, Mac. And speaking of hotties, it doesn’t take long for feisty new counsellor PJ to catch Flynn’s eye but he might find her slightly harder to win over than his usual conquests. And completing the new gang is the ever so slightly psychotic-eyed Hope, an uber-perky princess with her sights set on A-Rab. Throw into this mix simmering tensions between the three boys, a few bottles of tequila at ‘Tuna Town Roadhouse’ and an array of new counselors for them to hang out/exchange bodily fluids/become mortal enemies with and it’s safe to say things aren’t going to go quite as the boys planned.
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