Sneak Peek: Museum Secrets Season Two On Yesterday

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The second season of Museum Secrets, the series which uncovers fascinating secrets from inside some of the world’s greatest museums, is set to premiere on UKTV’s Yesterday channel tomorrow night (June 22nd) at 9pm. The show’s second season promises to deliver more amazing revelations and gripping tales with eight brand new episodes; unearthing the stories behind the myths and irreplaceable treasures that lie beyond the public galleries in the world’s most respected institutions.

In the first episode of the new season, Museum Secrets takes a look at Churchill’s top-secret underground bunker to discover why he was an irreplaceable leader, how a London housewife became a spy who withstood horrific Nazi torture to protect a vital secret. From there the series reveals the story of a Nobel Prize-winning physicist whose discovery turned the tide of the war. We meet an aging cold warrior who exposes dark truths about atomic weapons hidden from the British people for 50 years, then fly above Iraq with British top guns to discover how to stay frosty when enemy missiles lock on. And finally we follow a team of military researchers as they close in on the holy grail of camouflage: how to make a soldier invisible.

TVWise has been able get hold of three clips of the upcoming series, which you will find below: