FX UK To Air ‘Burn Notice: The Fall Of Sam Axe’ In July

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UK Burn Notice fans: if you missed the prequel TV movie The Fall Of Sam Axe when it was broadcast on FX UK late last year, then you now have another chance to see it. FX UK has announced that they will air the two hour Burn Notice TV Movie on Sunday July 15th at 10pm.

Burn Notice: The Fall Of Sam Axe, written by Matt Nix and directed by Jeffrey Donovan, is set two years before the first season of Burn Notice and tells the story of Sam Axe’s final mission as a Navy Seal. The two hour TV movie takes place in Colombia in 2005, when Lieutenant Commander Sam Axe is sent to advise a local military platoon on how to best track down the terrorist cell known as Espada Ardiente. It’s there he discovers deep layers of deception and ultimately realizes he may be allied with the wrong side. The two hour movie stars Bruce Campbell as Sam Axe, Ron Reaco Lee as Ben Delaney, Kiele Sanchez as Amanda Maples, John Diehl as Donna Maitland and Chandra West as Donna Maitland. Jeffrey Donovan also makes a cameo appearance as Michael Westen.