Upfronts 2012: First Look At Fox's 'The Goodwin Games' – TVWise

Another new comedy series Fox has on tap for next season is The Goodwin Games. Currently penciled in for a mid-season launch on Tuesday nights, the comedy series is said to follow three kids who must re-connect in order to meet the terms of their late father’s will and get their hands on the inheritance. Want to know more about The Goodwin Games? TVWise presents a first look at the new series.
The Goodwin Games tells the story of three grown siblings who return home after their father’s death, and unexpectedly find themselves poised to inherit a vast fortune – if they adhere to their late father’s wishes. If any of the Goodwin kids feel like they deserve the money, then it’s Henry (Scott Foley), the eldest child and an overachieving surgeon. He sees himself as a role model for his less successful siblings – and reminds them every chance he gets. Returning home will force Henry to question the choices he’s made, especially as he reconnects with his first love and true soulmate, Lucinda (Felisha Terrell).
Middle sibling Chloe (Becki Newton) was a child prodigy in math, and her unofficial role as “the smart one” of the family still sends Henry into fits of jealousy. But long ago, Chloe gave up academics in favor of being the popular girl. Now, through a series of hidden messages, her late father will lead Chloe back to her old love of numbers – and back to the person she’s meant to be. Of the three siblings, the youngest, Jimmy (Jake Lacy), could use the inheritance the most. A small-time ex-con and dull-witted guitarist who’s deep in debt to a loan shark, Jimmy may be the family screw-up, but he has more heart than anyone. Like his siblings, Jimmy’s also returning to something in this town: his eight-year-old daughter.
Pulling the strings from beyond the grave is the children’s late father, Benjamin (Beau Bridges), a college math professor. Guilty over not parenting his kids better, Benjamin has left behind a series of unique challenges – administered by his estate attorney April (Melissa Tang). Through these tasks, Benjamin hopes he can get his children to rediscover their true selves and learn the lessons he failed to instill in them while he was alive. Their potential reward? More than 20 million dollars – a fortune that they never knew their father had – and the chance to become the people their father wanted them to be.
Here Is Fox’s Trailer For The Goodwin Games: