Upfronts 2012: First Look At NBC’s ‘Next Caller’

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Amongst the 12 new shows that NBC has ordered for next season is Next Caller. The comedy series, which hails from writer Stephen Falk and Universal Television, follows a brash alpha male DJ and his new feminist co-host. Want to know more about Next Caller? TVWise presents a first look at the new series.

Next Caller follows foulmouthed satellite radio DJ Cam (Dane Cook), who is forced to share the mic with a chipper NPR feminist. It’s her first day in New York City, and 26-year-old Stella Hoobler (Collette Wolfe) is ready to take on the world. After a stint on public radio, she’s been hired to co-host the no-holds-barred show “Booty Calls with Cam Dunne.” Smart, spunky and passionate, Stella is determined to elevate the show beyond its boy’s-club-locker-room humor into a respected debate about men, women and the state of human relationships. But there’s a problem: Cam! She’s going to find out the hard way that he’s got no intention of sharing the spotlight, especially with someone like her. It’s going to be a tense fight, but with the station’s one rule being “make some noise,” Cam and Stella could be a winning combination – as long as they don’t knock each other out on their way to success.

Here Are Two Teaser Clips For Next Caller: