Syfy Orders Six New Reality Series

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At their upfront presentation in New York last week, Syfy announced that they had ordered six new reality series: Paranormal Highway, School Spirits, Ghost Mine, Viral Video Showdown, Collection Intervention and Hot Set.

Paranormal Highway – Set to premiere in June, Paranormal Highway puts the pedal to the metal as Jack Osbourne and Dana Workman investigate the most frightening claims of paranormal activity along America’s remote back roads. Fueled by eyewitness interviews and evidence collected by state-of-the-art equipment, Jack and Dana will travel alone, self-documenting their harrowing road trip while coming face-to-face with paranormal legends. The series is produced by BASE Productions, with John Brenkus, Mickey Stern and Ron Ziskin serving as executive producers.

School Spirits – Also set to premiere in June, School Spirits will tell true ghost stories of hauntings that have happened at schools across the country. The stories will be told in first person narratives through the testimonials of real students, teachers, parents and staff that have encountered the paranormal activity, blended with bone-chilling cinematic reenactments to further bring the haunting experiences to life.

Ghost Mine – In the remote woods of Oregon lays one of the richest gold mines in the United States. For the last 100 years, it has remained abandoned…until now. Soon to be re-opened by a scraggly group of miners, these hardy souls will battle the elements to find their fortune. But with a rich history of paranormal activity surrounding the mine, they may just find something else. The series is produced by 51 Minds, with Mark Cronin serving as the executive producer.

Viral Video Showdown – The greatest viral video creators on the planet go head-to-head each week in an epic battle for bragging rights and a cash prize. Two teams will have to dig deep into their bag of viral tricks to create a video that best captures that week’s theme and impresses the expert panel of viral video judges. Viral Video Showdown is produced by 495 Productions, with SallyAnn Salsano and Kevin Pereira serving as executive producers.

Collection Intervention – The series follows Elyse Luray, a sharp and to-the-point collectibles expert as she helps couples who are divided over what to do with an overwhelming collection of memorabilia. Whether it’s a husband’s collection of mint-condition G.I. JOE action figures worth thousands of dollars or a girlfriend’s treasure trove of Star Wars movie posters, Elyse helps couples decide what’s worth keeping and what they can sell. For each couple, their new cash windfall will make their dream come true, whether it’s an engagement ring, a down payment for a home, or the honeymoon they never had. Collection Intervention is produced by High Noon Entertainment. with Pam Healey, Elizabeth Grizzle Voorhees, and Jim Berger serving as executive producers.

Hot Set – From the producers of Syfy’s hit series Face Off, Hot Set is an extreme design challenge pitting two Hollywood production designers each week in a head-to-head battle to design, build, decorate and ultimately create an original and signature movie set that transports the viewer into an immersive world. The series is produced by Mission Control Media, wirh Michael Agbabian and Dwight Smith serving as executive producers.