PBS UK Sets Premiere Dates For Four Documentaries

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PBS UK has set the premiere dates for four of their upcoming documentaries: Marie Antoinette, Secrets Of The Ocean Realm, From Jesus To Christ and Baseball: The Tenth Inning.

First up is Marie Antoinette, which will receive its premiere on PBS UK on Saturday March 31st at 9:45 pm. Marie Antoinette takes a balanced look at the historical figure and goes beyond the infamous, yet apocryphal quote, ‘Let them eat cake’, that has been used for centuries to damn the seemingly frivolous queen of France. The documentary follows Marie from her childhood in Austria, her life at the Palace of Versailles right on through to her execution by guillotine.

Next up is Secrets of the Ocean Realm which will be broadcast on the channel at 7:50pm from Monday April 2nd through Friday April 6th. This ten part documentary series (which is airing in double bills on Monday through Friday) takes a look at the activity of the inhabitants of the oceans, ranging from whales, dolphins and sharks to more unusual and lesser know forms of marine life.

From Jesus to Christ will be broadcast on PBS UK at 9pm from Tuesday April 3rd through Friday April 6th, before being repeated on Easter Sunday at 2:30pm. This documentary, which is part of the channel’s continuing Frontline series, takes a look at the evidence and examines how Jesus the man evolved into Christ, specifically examining the origins of Christianity and how it sprung up following the execution of Jesus. The four part documentary will then examine how Christianity split into so many denominations.

Last up is Baseball: The Tenth Inning, which will be broadcast on the channel on weekdays from Friday April 6th at 10:15 pm. The documentary from influential director Ken Burns is a follow up to his nine part Baseball series (which premieres on PBS UK on Monday, March 26th at 10:15pm). Baseball: The Tenth Inning takes a look at the history of Baseball in the past two decades, including the 1994 strike, the revelations of players using performance enhancing drugs and even how the game brought solace to a great many Americans in the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.

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