ITV Sets Premiere Date For Love Life, Return Date For Midsomer Murders Season 15 – TVWise

ITV has set the premiere date for new drama series Love Life and the return date for the fifteenth season of long running drama series Midsomer Murders.
Love Life will premiere on ITV on Thursday March 15th at 9pm. The drama series, from writer Bill Gallagher, follows the complicated love lives of Joe and Lucy. One night in bed, Lucy tells boyfriend Joe that she is ready to settle down and may stop taking the pill; a revelation that sends commitment phobic Joe running for the nearest airport. Some twelves months later, Joe returns from his international travels to find that Lucy has moved on with her life; she has moved in with her dad, quit her job at the Tile Your Life bathroom and kitchen store and has even been having an affair with her former boss, Dom. But Joe and Lucy are still very much in love and the series tells the tale of how good people come to terms with the trials of love.
Love Life is produced by Red Production Company and stars Rob James-Collier as Joe, Anrea Lowe as Lucy, Gregor Fisher as Will, Lucy’s father, Alexander Armstrong as Dom, Lucy’s former boss and lover, Sophie Thompson as Penny, Dom’s wife, Sorcha Cusack as Liz, Penny’s mum, Kieran O’Brien as Dez, Joe’s brother, Lisa Millett as Linda, Sez’s wife and Naomi Bentely as Alex, a younger woman Joe met whilst he was travelling.
The fifteenth season of Midsomer Murders returns to ITV on Wednesday March 21st at 9pm with the feature length episode Murder of Innocence. In this new episode, convicted murderer Grady Felton returns to his home town of Binwell after 18 years of imprisonment, causing anger from the family of the man that Felton murdered. The same night that Felton returns home, a barrister involved with the original case is found murdered. Naturally, everyone believes Grady Felton to be guilty of the crime, but he has an airtight alibi. Barnaby and Jones begin to think someone in Binwell must have old scores to settle when Grady is almost killed in an arson attack.
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