How Will Freema Agyeman’s Role In The CW’s Carrie Bradshaw Pilot Affect Law & Order: UK?

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This past weekend, word leaked out that Freema Agyeman had been cast in Warner Bros. Television’s Sex and the City prequel pilot, Carrie Diaries, for The CW. Agyeman has been cast as Larissa, a role that was described as being “Carrie’s mentor and boss at the magazine.”

Almost immediately after the news got out we received word from fans of Law & Order: UK, who were concered what affect Agyeman’s role in the pilot could have on the future of the series. Insiders have told me that, assuming The CW picks up the project to series (something which is far from guaranteed at this stage), Agyeman’s role in Carrie Diaries would likely have no effect on the future of Law & Order: UK. I’m told that schedules could be worked out to allow the filming of both Carrie Diairies and Law & Order: UK. And let’s not forget that this is Law & Order we are talking about, so proceeding to a new season with a new character would hardly be unprecedented.

ITV has yet to make any decisions regarding the future of Law & Order: UK.