Sky Atlantic Sets UK Premiere Date For Mad Men Season 5

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Sky Atlantic has announced that they will begin airing the fifth season of Matthew Weiner’s critically acclaimed drama series Mad Men on March 27th at 9pm, just two days behind the series premiere in the United States on AMC. The series, set in the 1960’s, follows the exploits of the staff of an advertising agency in New York.

Last year, the future of the series was in some doubt as difficult negotiations between series creator Matthew Weiner, AMC and production company Lionsgate had stalled a fifth season renewal. The parties were able to come to terms and AMC renewed the series for two additional seasons (five and six) with an option for a seventh season, which series creator Matthew Weiner has stated would be the show’s last.

The fifth season is poised to be one of change. “There’s a time jump. There are some new people. Changes have happened off screen, and the audience will have to catch up with that. Even though Don ended up making this overture to Megan, and the audience felt sort of peculiar about it, so did the people in the office. That’s something that we play on” Weiner commented.