Reader Mailbag: Is Sesame Street Coming To PBS UK? – TVWise

In our first week, we received more than a few emails from our readers asking us questions. Rather than respond to these privately, we will (from time to time) run a feature we are calling the Reader Mailbag. Here we will answer your questions if we have answers to give. That way the information is out there and publicly available.
While there were a great many options to pick from for the first edition of the reader mailbag, we received no less than 8 emails regarding Sesame Street in the UK and so we will try to respond to that.
Here are two of those questions we received:
Hello, while I was raising my children they frequently watched Sesame Street. Now that I’m a grandmother, I would like to have my grandchildren get to know that same collection of wonderful characters. But I can’t seem to find which channel shows Sesame Street, although I have found Elmo’s World on Channel 5. Can you help?
Just read your piece on Clinton airing on the uk PBS channel. Do you know if they are going to show Sesame Street?
Sesame Street is aired in the United States by PBS, so it is perhaps a natural assumption that PBS UK may pick up the series, which has not aired in the UK for over a decade. (The series was aired by ITV from 1971 – 1984 and Channel 4 from 1984 -2001).
To find out what was going on I reached out to representatives of PBS UK and was told that they were aware that there was a general interest amongst the public to see the series return to the UK. Furthermore, the channel is looking into acquiring the UK rights to the series. So to answer these questions directly: No Sesame Street is not currently being broadcast in the UK and as far as PBS UK showing the series, well, we’ll just have to wait and see.