Exclusive: Red Faction TV Series Still In Consideration At Syfy

Exclusive: In our recent scoop on Syfy’s upcoming series Defiance, from Farscape creator Rockne S O’Bannon, I noted that this was not the first time the network had teamed up with a games studio to develop a TV tie-in. Indeed, Syfy had previously teamed up with THQ to produce Red Faction: Origins, a two hour TV movie that was something of a prequel to the latest video game in the Red Faction Franchise.

At the time that the TV movie was announced back in 2010, Syfy had stated that Origins would serve as a backdoor pilot; meaning that if ratings were good and the network liked the overall direction and feel of the project, a weekly series could be commissioned. Red Faction: Origins aired on June 4th, 2011, and since then the network has been silent on the project. After speaking to various sources at Syfy I was told that the project was still on the development slate, was something that had been periodically discussed and was “still in contention.” However, it was admitted that the project had taken something of a backseat in recent months and was not being “actively considered at the moment.”

That said, that’s not to count the project out. I’m told that the ratings for the TV movie were good and that the network liked the end result meaning they could still move forward with a series. Though if a decision is made to move forward with the project it likely wouldn’t air until late 2013 or early 2014. I was also told the recently announced series adaptation of Legion went through a similar genesis: being periodically discussed before the recent decision to move forward with development.

Here is Syfy’s trailer for the TV movie: