Exclusive: Gillian Anderson Was Considered For Lead Role In Syfy’s Defiance

Gillian AndersonEXCLUSIVE: Following on from our major scoop on Syfy’s Defiance, TVWise has learned that Gillian Anderson was briefly considered for one of two leading roles in the series.

According to a source at Syfy, Gillian Anderson was considered for the role of either Amanda, who is the Mayor of Defiance and has been described as being in her 40′s, Human and very sexy; or Stahma, a Lady Macbeth type character, who is not satisfied with her husband’s station in Defiance and feels he (and by extension, she) should have more power. She comes from old money and is very cunning and arrogant, with a sense of entitlement.

This information first reached TVWise late last week and we have been working hard over the last few days to confirm the situation. At the time the information first reached us it was unclear whether or not Syfy, or series producer Universal Cable Productions, had reached out to Gillian’s agent(s) regarding the role. After making contact with CAA in Los Angeles and Independent Talent in London (both agencies represent Gillian Anderson) we were able to confirm that neither agency had heard from Syfy or Universal Cable Productions regarding this project.

Upon again speaking to the source who first gave us the information, they confirmed that it was unlikely that Syfy or Universal Cable Productions did reach out. I’m told Gillian’s name was one of many suggested by the creators and executives at the studio. However, the producers quickly moved onto other options as they believed that she was “not likely to accept, as she is living in London and has shown no real interest in doing episodic television.” That last statement, however, proves to be incorrect as Gillian just signed up for a lead role in BBC Two’s upcoming series The Fall. Regardless, even if Syfy or Universal Cable Productions were to approach Gillian’s agents it’s unlikely she would be able to accept the project now, as she is committed to shooting The Fall in Northern Ireland through June, while production on Defiance is slated to begin in April.