Clinton To Receive Global Premiere On PBS UK – TVWise

Exclusive: Clinton, a four hour documentary which is part of PBS’s continuing series of presidential biographies will have its global premiere on PBS UK of February 20th at 10:15pm GMT (5:15pm EST) before subsequently airing on PBS in the United States at 10/9c.
The documentary follows Bill Clinton from his early days through to his political career in Arkansas, the presidential campaign, Whitewater and the Monica Lewinsky affair. The four hour series features on-screen commentary from numerous advisors from the Clinton administration and legal experts such as Jeffrey Toobin (CNN’s Chief Legal Corespondent), David Gergen (former Counselor on Domestic and Foreign Affairs for President Bill Clinton and Senior Political Analyst for CNN), Dee Dee Myers (former White House Press Secretary) and Robert Reich (former United States Secretary of Labor). The documentary is being broadcast over four nights in the UK and starts on February 20th with the final episode being broadcast on Thursday, February 23rd.