TV Scorecard

Looking to find out which shows have been renewed and which shows have canceled? Is the question of whether FOX has finally canceled Bones or if ITV will order another thirteen episode run of Law & Order: UK gnawing away at you? To help you answer those questions, TVWise presents its TV Scorecard.

What Is The TV Scorecard?

Our TV Scorecard tracks which shows have been renewed, canceled or are still in limbo. We currently maintain three TV Scorecards; two for the US (broadcast and cable) and one for the UK. All of the information contained within the TV scorecard comes from official network statements regarding the status of the shows in question. If you are looking for a rundown of a show’s chances of being renewed or canceled, then you’re looking for our Ratings Analysis.

To get started pick either the Broadcast TV Scorecard, Cable TV Scorecard or UK TV Scorecard