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Michael Kirk On ‘The Choice 2016’: “What Do You Do About A Film Where Nobody Likes The Two Candidates?” (Q&A)

Ahead of the premiere of Trump Vs Clinton: The Choice 2016 on PBS America this Sunday, TVWise caught up with writer and director Michael Kirk on his recent trip to London to discuss the ins and outs of the movie, the unique challenge posed by covering two candidates with such high unfavourable ratings, how he tackled the much discussed issue of false equivalence and what surprised him about both presidential candidates.

PBS America Unveils Presidential Election Coverage Plans, Slots ‘The Choice’ For October Premiere

PBS America has unveiled their coverage plans for the 2016 US presidential election, which, after a grueling almost two-year campaign, takes place on Tuesday November 8th. The cornerstone of said plans is The Choice, a feature-length interwoven investigative biography of both presidential candidates, which will premiere on October 9th.

PBS America Picks Up Vietnam War Documentary ‘Last Days’

Henry Kissinger-Gerald FordPBS America has picked up the UK broadcast rights to Oscar nominated feature-length Vietnam war documentary Last Days In Vietnam, TVWise has learned. the documentary will premiere on PBS America on Sunday November 1st at 8pm.

PBS America Picks Up UK Rights To ‘Time Team America’ Season 2

Time Team America is returning to the UK. PBS America has picked up the UK broadcast right to the four episode second season of the U.S. series based on Channel 4's hit archaeological format fronted by Tony Robinson. The second season of Time Team America will receive its UK premiere on PBS America on Tuesday November 10th at 6:35pm and will continue to air daily in the same time-slot.

PBS America To Launch On Freesat On October 31st

PBS AmericaPBS America is going free-to-air. The UK arm of the US public broadcaster will be made available on Freesat channel 160 as of Saturday October 31st, TVWise has learned.

PBS America Picks Up Frontline’s CIA Torture Documentary

Secrets, Politics & TorturePBS America has picked up the UK rights to Secrets, Politics & Torture - Frontline's hour-long documentary on the CIA controversial program of using "enhanced interrogation techniques" on high value targets in the War on Terror, as well as the ensuing investigation and report from the US Senate Select Committee On Intelligence.

PBS America Snaps Up Frontline’s NRA Documentary ‘Gunned Down’

PBS America has acquired the UK rights to Gunned Down: The Power Of The NRA, a one-hour documentary which was originally produced for PBS in the United States as part of their current affairs strand Frontline. Gunned Down will premiere on PBS America on Thursday March 19th at 9pm.