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‘Major Crimes’: Showrunner James Duff Talks Andy Flynn’s Fate, LAPD Power Vacuum & Candidates For Assistant Chief

TVWise recently caught up with Major Crimes creator and showrunner James Duff, who teased what little he could about Andy Flynn’s fate. We also talked about the power vacuum in the LAPD that was left by the exit of Robert Gossett, how that would play out in the back eight episodes and discussed the candidates who are vying to replace Taylor as Assistant Chief.

‘Major Crimes’ Boss James Duff Talks Killing Off [SPOILER] After Twelve Seasons

WARNING – The following interview contains some major spoilers from Monday night's episode of Major Crimes that some readers may wish to avoid until after viewing the episode.

To get a sense of how the decision to kill of this long-running character came about, how that conversation evolved with actor Robert Gossett, as well as the inspiration for this arc focussing on a Nazi gang, TVWise recently caught up with Major Crimes creator and showrunner James Duff.

Michael Kirk On ‘The Choice 2016’: “What Do You Do About A Film Where Nobody Likes The Two Candidates?” (Q&A)

Ahead of the premiere of Trump Vs Clinton: The Choice 2016 on PBS America this Sunday, TVWise caught up with writer and director Michael Kirk on his recent trip to London to discuss the ins and outs of the movie, the unique challenge posed by covering two candidates with such high unfavourable ratings, how he tackled the much discussed issue of false equivalence and what surprised him about both presidential candidates.

‘Major Crimes’ Star Mary McDonnell Talks Season Five, Character Development, Rusty, Shandy & More

As part of our continuing feature series on Major Crimes for the UK premiere of season five on Universal Channel, TVWise recently spoke with series star Mary McDonnell about the genesis and development of her character, what's in store for Sharon Raydor this season, the mother/son dynamic with Rusty, the blooming relationship between Sharon & Andy and much more.

‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ Star Tom Riley Talks Season Three, Showrunner Change, Ending The Series & More (Q&A)

Ahead of the UK premiere of Da Vinci's Demons third season on FOX UK, TVWise recently spoke with lead actor Tom Riley to find out if Da Vinci will indeed fire on his own mother to prevent the Ottoman invasion, what season three has in store for Da Vinci and the rest of the characters, if there was room to produce a fourth season, how things were different under new showrunner John Shiban and much more.

C5’s Marie-Claire Dunlop, Comedy Central’s Brad Wood Talk Acquisitions Post VIMN Merger, Scripted Ambitions & More

As part of TVWise’s continuing feature series on U.S. acquisitions, TVWise recently spoke with Chanel 5's Acquisitions and Channel Manager Marie-Claire Dunlop and Comedy Central UK's Director of Acquisitions Brad Wood to find out about the opportunities the Viacom merger has opened up, the new acquisitions strategy across the VIMN UK portfolio, what kind of series the respective channels are in the market for post-LA Screenings and much more.