About Us

A specialist UK news outlet covering the television industry, TVWise focusses exclusively on U.S. scripted acquisitions. We provide day-to-day coverage of the acquisitions business across new deals, confirming the status of existing deals, relevant changes at key UK buyers, ratings, and analysis of key trends of both the wider market and those shows which have landed UK deals.

We also provide direct coverage of what is going on with existing U.S. acquisitions state-side, across both cancellations and renewals, with a special slant towards a UK audience. TVWise also offers limited consumer coverage for a select few shows; bringing our readers the latest in casting news as well as interviews with the cast and creative talents behind these shows.

Part of what makes TVWise’s coverage of U.S. acquisitions second to none is our access to key UK buyers and annually we bring our readers insights from these senior executives, who are responsible for bringing U.S. scripted series to the UK. Unlike other outlets, we also provide in-depth coverage of the LA Screenings.


Launched on January 31st 2012, TVWise was originally positioned as a quasi-trade covering both the American and British television industries. Between 2012 and 2017, we offered in-depth news on the latest commissions from both the UK and the United States, as well as wider developments affecting both industries.

Across those five years, TVWise earned a strong reputation for our breaking news coverage and we have been quoted/referenced in a number of media outlets including Broadcast Magazine, Deadline Hollywood, CNN, BBC, Digital Spy, The Daily Mail, The Mirror and more. While we were operating as a broad trade in this time, we were best known for offering comprehensive coverage of U.S. acquisitions.

In late 2016, following a buy-out offer, we conducted a top-down review and market research showed that our readership most valued our coverage of U.S. acquisitions and UK premiere dates. After consulting with industry contacts, TVWise then pivoted in January 2017 to become a specialist outlet focussing solely on these areas.

Our Team:

Patrick Munn is the founder and Editor in Chief of TVWise. The idea for a TV news site providing in-depth reporting on both the British and American TV industries occurred to him in 2010 while he was working as a freelance entertainment journalist. He has a strong reputation for providing in-depth coverage of U.S. acquisitions.

Charlee Peters is a freelance TVWise contributor based in the UK. Charlee has written extensively for a number of other online outlets and will be covering both US content for TVWise, including interviews with talent, executive producers and directors.

Frequent Contributors – TVWise also has a fairly large roster of guest writers who will be writing posts for the site. All of these writers are credentialed journalists with years of experience in the entertainment industry.