Channel 5 Scraps My5, Premium Channel 5Prime To Launch In Its Place

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Less than two years after they scrapped their 24 hour time-shift service (Channel 5+24) to launch a linear My5 service, Channel 5 is scrapping the My5 channel to launch 5Prime. The new channel will launch as of January 16th. While My5 is being scraped as a channel, it will remain as an on-demand catch up and box set service across all major platforms.

Per Channel 5, 5Prime will feature a mix of first run original series alongside the finest content from Channel 5 and spin offs of its most popular programmes. The channel will also feature themed programme collections, including Secrets of the Past (exploring history’s defining moments), Prime Drama (where viewers can settle in for an evening of high quality drama) and Famous Faces, Amazing Places (where Channel 5 talent visit their bucket list destinations).

Shows confirmed for the launch schedule include Ben Fogle: New Lives in The Wild, GPs: Behind Closed Doors, World War I in Colour, Alaska: A Year in the Wild, Extraordinary People and The Great Fire. 5Prime will also be home to GPs: Behind Closed Doors spin off The Yorkshire Vet Casebook; and brand new commission The Secret Life of Owls; and RTE’s legal drama series Striking Out (pictured above), starring Neil Morrissey and Amy Huberman.

“As the home of Channel 5’s critically acclaimed premium content, 5PRIME is a welcome and complementary addition to the Channel 5 family of channels”, said James Brown, Channel Manager of 5PRIME. “Viewers can enjoy appointment to view programmes and special themed evenings ranging from history to natural history, drama to documentary.”

  • Popeye13

    Nice to see you still here Patrick…..

    Any chance of info regarding if 5PRIME will be a HD channel at launch aswell? Any news on platform-carriage also?

    • Well I’m sitting on 60ish rejection letters praising the idea of the Major Crimes book, but stating it’s not commercially viable. So I’m doing it myself via our own imprint, TVWise Books, which meant keeping TVWise going…

      As for 5PRIME – I can check with the press office but I don’t believe it will be HD. It will be on Sky, Freeview, Freesat, BT, TalkTalk and Virgin; taking the various channel numbers that are presently My5.

      • Popeye13

        I was wondering what with the ‘premium channel’ bit and wondering if Channel 5 were doing an ITV with what they did with ITV Encore
        I do hope that 5PRIME will be HD, i mean, it will be 2018, launching channels in SD especially from a broadcaster such as Channel 5 isn’t really…on!

        Im so sorry to hear that you’ve had praise coupled with knockbacks but im also delighted TVWise will continue and that you’re going to go ahead and publish under the TVWise banner. I will be buying the book that is for sure as i not only love the show but i love the idea of the book and im excited to support your creative idea.