Ratings: TNT’s ‘Major Crimes’ Doubles Audience In Live+7 Delivery

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Here’s some good(ish) news on the ratings front. After what initially looked like an anemic performance in live+same day, the season six premiere of Major Crimes has more than doubled its audience in live+7 delivery.

The initial numbers for the opener of the show’s final season were 1.75 million viewers and a 0.21 A18-49 demo rating. That grew to 3.4 million viewers and a 0.4 A18-49 demo rating in live+3, before growing to just shy of 4 million viewers and a 0.6 A18-49 demo rating. No word from TNT on the multi-platform audience.

While audience growth of more than 120% between same day and live+7 is impressive, it’s worth noting that the L7 delivery for the season six premiere is roughly equivalent to what the show was pulling in in live+same day last season. Why the decline? That’s hard to pin-point but sources believe that TNT’s decision to announce that this was the final season and scheduling the season premiere for October 31st (you know, Halloween) were big factors.

But given the ax has already dropped and this is indeed the show’s final season, do the ratings really matter at this point? In short, yes. The ongoing campaign to find the show a new home largely depends on the commercial viability of Major Crimes. The L7 audience proves there is still a sizeable audience for the show, which could make it appealing to potential suitors.

  • Naomi B.

    I believe that networks/streaming platforms are smart enough to look at historical performance of the show, as well as the games Reilly plays, since he has a reputation for them. Adweek has written extensively about them. This isn’t a situation where a show has been in the same slot for years and the decline has been from there. This show has had 4 time slot changes in one year and absolutely minimal promotion from TNT. Any true promo for this show has truly been fan driven. I thought you left TVWise? We were shocked to see you post this. #savemajorcrimes

    • I am leaving. Just got a tad bored waiting for the new job to start 😂. You make a fair point, but insiders have expressed concern to me that Reilly would use the scheduling to deliver lower ratings and give himself an ex post facto for the cancellation. That and I didn’t see any accurate ratings reporting on MC, so that is why I wrote the piece.

      • Naomi B.

        You rock, Patrick…thank you for doing that! Yeah, but don’t you think, as usual, MC has had the last laugh? Even with EVERYTHING Reilly has thrown at it, the show continues to outperform his new direction shows. This man, who was given an open checkbook, but hasn’t been able to deliver. Will was cancelled first season. SpoilerTV, who was gaga for Good Behavior, has basically written it off as cancelled. Let’s not even talk about the Tales From the Crypt fiasco that made Reilly look like a Keystone Cop CEO, who didn’t accept blame for his network’s failures. The newest gripe of there are no good tv shows to buy. So, we are basically at a 60% failure rate with his new direction. My true belief is that another network isn’t going to give up 10 million viewers and that when stable (on cable) has gone as high as a 1.0 in demo on +3 or +7 (I can’t remember). These days, that is higher than what some shows are getting on broadcast.

        • Popeye13

          This show would thrive massively on a network channel and CBS is (i agree) a perfect fit for it.
          That said, id be delighted if anyone nabbed it and let it live the huge amount of life it clearly has left.

          Also, nice to see you Pat, this was a very nice surprise!

  • Emma Roberta

    It’s always nice when TV execs treat us, the audience, as though we are stupid. Does Mr Reilly really think that ANYONE with 2+ brain cells would believe any ex post facto? It’s been clear that TNT has been actively trying to kill Major Crimes’ ratings to provide a reason for a cancelation. When their efforts were futile, they cancelled anyway. I’m fairly confident we can see through this bs. Another reason why I’m bailing on TNT after January…I don’t appreciate paying to be being treated like an idiot.

  • Ah

    Where can we buy the book?