Patrick Munn Exits TVWise To Pen ‘Major Crimes’ Book

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I have to admit going all third person in the headline there was a little jarring. Anyway down to the news: I’m stepping away from TVWise.

Since we launched in early 2012, we’ve tried a number of different iterations. We did quasi trade, focusing on Hollywood and the UK TV sector. Then we tried strict trade on both. After that was UK trade. Then there was a strict focus on U.S. acquisitions for much of the past year.

I have enjoyed every minute of my six years as a television hack, but the truth is making the economics work for an independent new site is exceedingly difficult. (A fact easily verified by my tax returns). So it is with a heavy heart, and after trying every funding model going, that I’ve decided to end my journalistic career. I’ll be moving on to a new job in 2018.

Truthfully, I could have coasted until then, but when an opportunity presents itself you have to go for it. While I’m proud of a great number of the stories, scoops and features from the past five years at TVWise, covering Major Crimes was a real passion of mine. I had been kicking around the notion of writing a book based on the series for the past six months and even before the recent announcement that season six will be the last, had made the decision to jump in.

That is what I will be devoting my time to for the foreseeable future. I cant be any more specific on the precise nature of the book or publisher just yet, but will update when possible. Barring one final story I’m prepping, this will be my last post. UK Premiere Dates will continue to be updated in my absence.

It’s been a blast.


  • manius

    good luck with the book

  • Popeye13

    Thank you for this epic site Patrick and good luck going forward, i hope your future endeavours bring you every success and take care sir!

  • Ah

    oh well, good luck with your book.

  • Victor Ancel Field

    Good luck with the book, although I’ve never watched the series!

  • Sorry to hear you’re going – always fun reading the site. Good luck with the book – I’ll pick a copy up as soon as it’s off the presses!

  • JamieHX

    Major Crimes has been a favorite of mine, so I’m looking forward to the book, whatever it ends up being! Good luck with it!