UKTV’s Dave Channel Drops ‘Suits’ After Six Seasons

Here’s some acquisitions news that broke while I was off over the past week or so. UKTV’s Dave channel has dropped their prime U.S. acquisition Suits after six seasons, leaving the series without a UK broadcaster.

“Suits has been an important and much-loved part of Dave’s schedule for a number of years, but as the channel evolves so must its programme offering”, a representative of UKTV said in a statement. “We can confirm that Dave will not be renewing its licensing deal for Suits following the sixth season of the show.

The news, which was first reported by Geektown, is something of a surprise. While ratings have dropped from the highs of earlier seasons, Suits was nevertheless a decent ratings performer, with the show’s sixth season bringing in around 400K viewers. NBCUniversal International Distribution is now looking for a new UK broadcast partner for the show. Universal Channel and Netflix UK are considered the most likely homes, I’m told.

With Dave’s flagship acquisition now gone, what about their other show The Last Man On Earth? TVWise understands that as things presently stand UKTV does not currently hold the rights to any future seasons of the show, as the deal they inked in 2015 only covered seasons one and two. I’m hearing that UKTV is engaged in “tough negotiations” with Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution and the show’s future on the channel is not immediately clear. For the past few months, there have been persistent rumours of Dave abandoning U.S. acquisitions altogether, though this has been flatly denied by representatives of UKTV.

  • Popeye13

    If they are going the route of dropping acquisitions, it would certainly make life easier for them by way of going FTA on satellite, something that is expected in the not too distant future!

    Id like to throw ITV2 into the mix, aswell as E4 for the rights! It fits well with both channels!

    • It certainly could fit on ITV2 and E4, but sources at NBCU said they were talking to Netflix UK and failing that a deal with Universal was possible. Heard nothing on the other two

      • Popeye13

        Thank you sir. Fingers crossed for NF. (Hope your holiday was fun!)

  • Barbadosbelle

    I suspect that the purchase rights for Series 7 just became too expensive for DAVE after all the hype around Meghan Markle bumped up interest (and thus prices) in the show.
    However, as DAVE is half owned by the BBC I’m surprised that they didn’t snap it up to come over to BBC1 or BBC2.

  • Sonia Hustwick

    NF will pick up Suits 7. Dave was my fave channel now its just rubbish. Suits or Steve Austin’s broken skull challenge. Hmmm no contest. Suits all day long!