FX Reshuffles ‘American Crime Story’: ‘Katrina’ Pushed, ‘Versace’ Will Now Air As Season 2

FX is reshuffling the future installments of American Crime StoryKatrina, which was previously announced as the next season, has been pushed, with Versace now set to air as the show’s second season. Versace is expected to air in early 2018, with Katrina following later in the year.

The network made it known earlier this year that Ryan Murphy and his team of writers were taking their time putting the scripts for Katrina together – working from source material including The Great Deluge: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast by Douglas Brinkley – in order to match the quality of the initial season, The People V. O.J. Simpson.

That is what has caused this further delay to Katrina, which will now enter production in early 2018. As a result of the production delay, it is not immediately clear if the cast assembled for Katrina – which includes Matthew Broderick and Annette Benning – will remain intact. Production on Versace began in April, allowing producers to get it on air in early 2018.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story tells the true story of the murder of Gianni Versace in 1997. The scripts are being penned by Tom Rob Smith. The cast for Versace includes Edgar Rarmirez, Penélope Cruz, Darren Criss and Ricky Martin, amongst others. It is produced by Fox 21 Television Studios and FX Productions, with Ryan Murphy, Nina Jacobson, Brad Simpson, Brad Falchuk and Tom Rob Smith service as executive producers.

The UK rights to American Crime Story are held by the BBC and Netflix UK. BBC Two gets the first window, with respective seasons of American Crime Story popping up on the streaming service after the broadcast window. It’s not immediately clear how this reshuffle will affect the BBC, who back in April revealed that they had exercised their option on Katrina.

The BBC was unable to confirm whether their rights package specifically covers Katrina (thus requiring them to now acquire Versace) or simply the “second season”. That said, TVWise understands that the latter is the case and as the BBC have no deal in place for season three, they would need to make an additional agreement with Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution for Katrina.

  • Popeye13

    Im hopeful the BBC also acquired Versace although im sure they’re a little bit pissed off with the swap around!

    • moretears

      An interesting question is whether the contract made was specifically for Katrina, or for “Season 2” of American Crime Story. If the latter, then the BBC will get Versace whether they want it or not.

      • I’ve just updated the piece with the latest I’ve heard. Essentially, the BBC were not able to provide an update on that front, but I just heard from a source at Fox who said that their contracts were for the second installment, “which is now Versace”. Equally I’m told the Beeb only picked up S2, so they would still need to acquire Versace.

        • Popeye13

          Patrick, if BBC have S-2, why would they still need to acquire Versace?
          If Versace is S-2 then BBC have that don’t they?

          • Well the very simple answer to that is one should not attempt to reply to comments before taking the morning dose of coffee haha. Yes, quite right, they need to acquire Katrina now.

          • Popeye13

            Ahahaha!!!! Full marks for trying without the morning dose of coffee LOL!!!
            And thanks, all makes sense now.
            Fingers crossed they also can agree a deal for Katrina. It would be a sizable shame to lose it elsewhere.