UPDATE: E4 Pulls ‘Last Man Standing’ From Schedule, Promises Tim Allen Comedy “Will Return” To Channel

UPDATE, April 4th: After reaching out to Channel 4 last week, a spokesperson has told TVWise that “Last Man Standing is currently taking a break from the schedules but will return” at a later date. Despite rumours to the contrary, I’m told the ratings performance of the show was not a factor in the decision to pull it from the schedule.

PREVIOUS, March 31st: Last Man Standing‘s return to UK television seems to be rather short-lived.

E4 has pulled the Tim Allen comedy series from its daily 4pm berth on their schedule after airing the first season and the first two episodes of the show’s second season in said time-slot. TVWise understands that E4 pulled the half-hour comedy from their schedule yesterday in a “last minute” change and that for the past two days it has been replaced by repeat episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

It is not immediately clear why Last Man Standing was pulled from E4’s schedule only two weeks after they set the launch date for the show’s second season and a month after they picked it up from international distributor Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution. TVWise has reached out to representatives of Channel 4 for clarification and will update when we hear back.

  • Victor Ancel Field

    Meanwhile, when is season 3 of “Jane The Virgin” starting? You know, a show that some people might actually WANT back?

    • No word on Jane The Virgin yet. Last I heard, they were holding it for a summer run.

      • Stewart BangTidy Westland

        And they wonder why piracy is so rampant, the third series only has a few eps left in the US

    • ryan brez

      Are you sure? This entire page is dedicated to the whereabouts of Last man Standing on E4, you know ..the programme that’s been running 6 years, and has recieved Emmy nominations and a countless amount of television awards (ASCAP).

  • Dominic

    Surely they could have either pulled it after season 1, or just committed to airing the rest of season 2, instead of airing the first 2 episodes of season 2 and then just dropping it.

    • It’s a pity, as the show really starts to get good in later seasons. Maybe the casting changes after Season 1 were too jarring in the first two episodes of Season 2, for viewers.

      • Dominic

        Well I personally thought that the cast changes were a little unnecessary, but I didn’t think they were that bad, and I started to get used to the new Kristin by the end of episode 2. I also prefer it to almost all of the other shows on E4. If it gets better later on, then I really feel like E4 made a massive mistake pulling it, and I will definitely miss it.

        • ryan brez

          I agree, I’m counting on it’s return though, I think if they were going to pull it they would’ve done end of season 1. It had also been scheduled to play the rest of the season (I saw on series link) and they might have announced it as a cancled series already 🙂

  • Lezli Payne Grubbs

    I actually could care less about Jane or if she’s a virgin or not, but love Last Man Standing!

    • ryan brez

      Hah! the feeling is mutual

  • Mark Clarke

    Bring back last man standing… the best sit com since home improvement…..

  • Peter

    I second “Mark Clarke”
    Bring back last man standing… the best sit com since home improvement…..
    absolutely brilliant and funny, simple just like Home improvements

  • Niallerz1992

    SKY1 treated Last Man Standing badly, so please E4 don’t do the same. Treat the show with respect. The time-slot isn’t the best but it is still great that the series is being aired on UK TV.
    Hopefully the series will be back sometime in the coming months. If the show stopped airing after season 1 then I would have assumed that they were waiting a while to air season 2, but when they pulled it after two episodes I found it weird.

  • Richard Davies

    hopefully it will be back, watched all the series weve seen in the UK so far and agree with most its the new home improvement tim allen does good sitcoms fact

  • ryan brez

    Any news on the return of this show to E4?

    • It’s not been scheduled to return just yet. Will post when we hear news.

      • ryan brez

        Thanks 🙂