TVWise Announces Major Editorial Shift To Acquisitions Focussed Outlet

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Following a recent buy-out offer and a top-down review (which included audience research and consultation with a number of executives in the industry), we’re announcing a major editorial shift.

Having covered both the UK and US industries in some depth for the better part of five years, we have covered many aspects of the TV biz. But the research conducted (not to mention this and previous buy offers) indicated that it was our unique coverage of scripted acquisitions – particularly from the United States – that TVWise had earned a reputation for and was the primary reason for our growing readership.

That being the case – and the practical realities of running an independent news outlet – I have decided that we will be limiting our coverage to these areas alone, with a laser sharp focus.

What will that look like? We will cover, in depth, new deals as well as confirming the status of current acquisitions. Additionally, I’ve already been in touch with a number of Hollywood Studios and UK Broadcasters and we will have at the very least annual interviews with key executives to discuss the year in review and what’s ahead. Analysis and opinion pieces of the business side of these deals will also be a primary focus, as will the LA Screenings (for which we’re in talks for putting out a special print edition each year).

Beyond that trade aspect, we will continue to cover acquisitions with a consumer eye – focussing on casting, renewals and cancellations. The aim is to run semi-regular features, from interviews with cast and executive producers, to set visits, pieces marking key anniversaries and overlooked scripted dramas/comedies that haven’t yet crossed the pond.

I appreciate this is a fairly seismic shift from our current coverage, but having planted our flag as the primary news source for US acquisitions coming to the UK, this feels like the right move and logical next step. Additionally, as I’m sure it’ll come up in the comments, the audience research revealed a great hunger for us to continue reporting UK Premiere Dates and as such we will.

  • varsas

    I think this aspect is the reason I came to read the site so the direction’s good for me 🙂

  • Jason

    Sounds good.

  • CRUK91

    Great to hear. These were the reasons I found the site, and continue to use it years later.

    I hope the move is successful for you.

  • Chris Bowman

    We are all with you whatever happens, as long as you keep going. Keep up the great work.

  • Popeye13

    What TV shows were going where is why i came here in the first place.
    Im sure many like myself came here because DS went from doing that to being a clickbait trashy site, i needed somewhere that gave a damn for its readers and TVWise does that in spades.
    We were all gutted when you went bye bye but were over the moon when you came back, i think getting down the nitty-gritty of what we want and like, plus you being decent and seeing that too, makes for a great mix and i for one hope TVWise continues in strength for a long time to come!

  • timmy t

    “…the audience research revealed a great hunger for us to continue reporting UK Premiere Dates and as such we will.”

    Definitely. Thanks.