Good Food Re-Teaming With John Torode For ‘Korean Food Tour’

john-torode-korean-food-tourContinuing their long running relationship with John Torode, UKTV’s Good Food Channel has picked up Korean Food Tour, a ten episode food series fronted by the acclaimed chef.

The ten-parter will see Torode visit temples, street food stalls, restaurant kitchens, joins families in their homes, heads up mountains, takes a trip to the seaside, and goes to festivals and feast days, all in search of Korea’s finest taste bud treats.

In each episode John Torode cooks up one of the classics and then puts his own spin on some more contemporary style dishes. Every week he chooses his favourite dish, ending the series with a list of his top 10 national dishes.

Korean Food Tour is being produced by Denhams TV for UKTV, who have partnered with Hyundai Media in South Korea and the Korea Communications Agency (KCA) to fund the series. The deal was brokered by The Bridge, who facilitated the co-production agreement between Denhams, UKTV and Korea’s Hyundai Media broadcast arm, supported by the Korea Communications Agency. Janice Gabriel is the series producer, while Grace Kitto will executive produce. Argonon International is the distributor.

While this commission is not AFP (Advertiser Funded Programming) per se, it is down a similar path of finding unique financing models for commissions that can work for all partners. UKTV has a strong track record in this area having previously partnered with numerous other third parties – including Matrade, Red Bull, Audible and P&O Cruises – for such shows as John Torode’s Malaysian AdventureRed Bull Soap BoxCrackanory and Battlechefs.

“We’re really excited to be working with Hyundai Media and the KCA on this project; John Torode is a big draw for our Good Food audience and two previous John Torode series (Australia and Malaysia) have been some of the top performing shows on the channel – so we are confident Korea will be extremely popular”, Sally Quick, UKTV’s Director of Commercial Partnerships said in a statement.

“The trend for Korean cuisine just keeps growing in the UK, so where better to send John Torode on his next adventure?”, said UKTV’s Commissioning Executive Victoria Summer, who will also serve as an executive producer on the series. “John Torode’s Korean Food Tour explores the country’s incredible and unique dishes, and also celebrates the nation’s beautiful landscape and colourful culture.”

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