UPDATED: Channel 5 Shifts ‘Wentworth Prison’ To 5Star

Wentworth Prison S4Wentworth Prison is on the move. Channel 5 is moving the Australian drama series, which is an update of 1980s hit Prisoner: Cell Bock H, from their main channel to digi-net 5Star.

It is not immediately clear why Channel 5 execs decided to move the series to 5Star, though it has been suggested that sagging overnight ratings were a factor.

In a statement to TVWise, a representative of Channel 5 said: “Wentworth is a critically acclaimed and popular series and as the home of some of the biggest dramas and soaps, 5Star is the ideal new home for the show.”

TVWise understands that the decision to shift the series to 5Star occurred in the past few days, with the fourth episode of Wentworth Prison‘s current season, which was originally scheduled to air on Channel 5 on Monday night, now set to air this evening on 5Star at 10pm. New episodes will then continue to air in that time-slot through to the season finale in September.

  • Popeye13

    So Wentworth is going the way of alot of stuff at C5, where it getss shunted to another channel, will be on later and later and then because the viewing declines so much, they can spout ‘ratings’ as an excuse and dump it!
    One of their best shows, absolutely irritating this, plus, 5Star ain’t in HD!

    So iTunes it is!!

    • Identic

      They had to move it, it gets terrible ratings. If you have Sky TV or Virgin TV you can watch 5Star shows in HD in Catch Up TV.

      • Isaac Cretu

        Identic, are you on drugs? Any programme on 5Star have never been able to download in HD via catch up on Sky. Plus you saying they had to move it because of terrible ratings is bullshit.

        • Identic

          Only half a million people have been watching Wentworth Prison live on Channel 5, that’s half of what they expect for a primetime slot, so you’re the one on drugs if you think that’s acceptable. You’ve obviously never bothered looking at your On Demand service properly, as programmes from 5Star are available in HD all the time: https://www.avforums.com/threads/sky-5star-hd.2014277/

          • Brian Harrison

            Exaclty 🙂

          • LT

            Wentworth was getting a million viewers an episode and is its 3rd most popular show at present. Why is it moving it to this new channel that few watch or even know of?

      • Brian Harrison

        You have always been able to download 5Star shows in HD via on demand.

    • Brian Harrison

      Download it on demand 5 in HD. Thats what I did after Tuesday nights airing 🙂

  • Phyllis Lautner

    Also a lot of fans have already watched it online, when it was screened in Australia, so that’d make ratings on channel 5 poor. Pity that ITV didn’t buy it, as it would’ve had more of a chance of better ratings. I never watch CH5 it’s an awful tv station ! All’s I ever watch on it would be “Big Brother”.

  • Mark Keats

    This is how they treated Dallas , they should air it the same time as in Australia that would it out the piracy

  • neosalad

    So annoyed.. As I just started watching them from my series-link on TiVO for 5HD.
    Hope I can still get the episodes missed on 5OD.
    I ended up missing the end of marvels agents of s.h.i.e.l.d newest season on ch4 when they moved to e4. (and they only show 1 episode on ther 4Od service) I never watch the shows live, I just set up series links on tivo and watch things back to back so when they change channels mid season it’s really irritating…

    Absolutely love Wentworth though! Gutted it’s moved.. It will defenitely loose viewers!