AMC To Launch In UK This September, Picks Up UK Rights To ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

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AMCAMC is finally coming to the UK. The channel, which is behind such shows as Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, will finally be launching in the UK this September after AMC Networks International agreed a multi-year carriage deal with BT, who will make the channel available via YouView.

The channel has secured the exclusive UK television rights to The Waking Dead spin-off Fear The Walking Dead, which will be a key element of AMC UK’s launch schedule when the channel debuts later this year. The channel will also air upcoming AMC original series, as well as acquire series from outside producers and air a range of feature films. Existing licensing deals for AMC programming – such as FOX UK’s deal for The Walking Dead and Amazon’s deal for streaming rights – will not be effected

“AMC has become synonymous with bold, dramatic original programming of the highest quality. We’re excited to partner with BT to launch AMC for the first time in the UK”, said Ed Carroll, COO of AMC Networks. “This agreement highlights the strong demand for our channels and will enable us to continue developing a far-reaching platform for AMC’s original programming.”

TWD Companion (1)The UK is the latest market that AMC Networks International has launched the AMC channel brand in since they acquired Chellomedia’s portfolio of global channels in 2014. Over the past 12 months they have launched the channel, known as AMC Global, in more than 120 territories.

Delia Bushell, Managing Director of BT TV and BT Sport, said, “We’re delighted to be launching AMC for the first time in the UK, enabling our viewers to watch series such as ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ exclusively from BT. AMC has showcased some of the biggest and most celebrated series on US television in recent years, including ‘Breaking Bad,’ and ‘Mad Men.’ We’re confident our viewers will enjoy AMC’s cinematic approach to storytelling and look forward to offering them an outstanding selection of TV series and films in the months ahead.”

  • Popeye13

    So to clarify, AMC UK will only be on BT TV services and not services such as Sky or Virgin Media?

    • At present AMC Networks International have only agreed a carriage deal with BT. They have been in talks with both Sky and Virgin so further platforms possible, but not confirmed at this stage

      • Popeye13

        The statements from BT seem to suggest it’s an exclusive channel to BT so thanks or that info and hopefully its also on Sky & VM

  • Moogs_lumox

    You have to hope that AMC ink another deal with Sky etc, as, has been shown by Game of Thrones, and Sky Atlantic, people wont switch their TV provider for just one Channel. A move like this especially with a major show like the Fear the walking dead will just drive people to illegal downloads, as GOT has proven.

  • Neil Martin

    Providing AMC UK does well, would it be likely that the rights to The Walking Dead would switch hands at some point in the future so that it’s shown on it’s ‘home’ channel?

    • Highly unlikely. FOX UK’s parent Fox International Channels helped develop the series and have global rights. Short of AMC spending billions of dollars, first window will remain with FOX UK. The more likely scenario is AMC UK taking a repeat window

  • Alan Wood

    I think deals like this are just to shanghai viwers. I like sport especially USA sport but NFL is on SKY, NBA is on BT, NHL is on Premier Sport and MLB is on something else. It’s ridiculous and I refuse to pay multiple subscriptions.

  • Popeye13

    AMC will be on Sky but you’ll need a BT Sport subscription to watch.

    • Zebulon Wright

      At least it gives me more value for my subscription then than just one game of football a week.