ABC Renews ‘Castle’, ‘SHIELD’, ‘Scandal’ & More; Cancels ‘Resurrection’, ‘Cristela’ & ‘Forever’

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ABC has taken a page out of CBS’ playbook with a mass renewal to some 16 scripted series.

Castle, Marvel’s Agent Carter, Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, American Crime, Secrets & Lies, Black-ish, Fresh Off The Boat, Galavant, The Goldbergs, The Middle, Modern Family, Nashville and Once Upon A Time have all been picked up for the 2015-2016 season. A fifth season pick up for Last Man Standing is currently being worked out with series produced 20th Century Fox Television.

Most if not all of the above series had been expected to earn a renewal ahead of ABC’s upfront presentation in New York City next week. The only two series which were ever in doubt were The Middle and Castle, both for very similar reasons. The Middle was in murky territory as the cast’s contracts were up an co-star Charlie McDermott booked a pilot, but WBTV quietly resigned the entire cast last month.

There was a similar issue with Castle, in which both Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic’s deals were up after season seven, leaving the future of the series in doubt. Fillion inked a deal to return last month, while Katic’s reps continued talking to ABC Studios. As TVWise reported was likely, a deal is close to being finalised for her to return as a regular, with sources saying there is an “agreement in principle”. In addition, the studio and network have tapped Terence Paul Winter to replace David Amann as showrunner. Andrew Marlowe is expected to still be involved on the show to some degree.

Elsewhere, ABC has some bad news for a number of series. The network, who earlier tonight picked up nine new series for next season, officially pulled the plug on Cristela, Resurrection and Forever. None of them had been expected to return, with all three struggling in the ratings. Resurrection was the biggest let down for ABC brass after its flopped in the ratings in its second season.

  • moretears

    Patrick, it looks like your sources didn’t let you down when it came to Galavant, but what happened with American Crime? You had that as a goner. And why has no UK channel picked up Galavant? It isn’t just brilliant. It seems more tailored for a British audience than an American one.

    • ABC execs liked the S2 pitch for American Crime and in the end chose to give it a S2 to see if they could grow the audience. As for Galavant, UK buyers agreed it was shall we say “unique” at last year’s screening but few were convinced it would do well. We’ll see if that changes after this year’s Screenings – I always felt it would fit nicely on Sky1 paired with Yonderland.

  • shanethegooner

    Gutted that Forever has been officially canceled now, a small part of me was hanging on for a renewal. Annoyed at how they left the story, would love to see someone else pick it up. Glad Shield is coming back, as for Agent Carter, hopefully a UK broadcaster will pick it up since it’s been renewed.

  • Christine Praechter Meyers

    Are you sure about Stana Katic returning for season 8 of Castle? Other stories say she is still in contract talks.

  • james

    The Marvel products probably have their movie links to thank for their renewal, next season will likely be no different if the millions keep coming in with box office revenue, only curiosity would be if Josh Whedon keeps producing after his Marvel movie experience.

    • w0nk042

      More the fact that Disney owns ABC. 😉